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SNL Creative showcasing at Rapid-TCT 2024

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🌟 You’re Invited: Experience the Future of Creativity with SNL Creative at Rapid 2024 in Los Angeles, CA! 🌟

CLICK HERE and Attend as our Guest
Dear SNL Community,

I’m thrilled to extend a special invitation to each of you to join us at Rapid 2024 in Los Angeles, CA—the premier event for all things innovative and transformative in the world of 3D printing and additive manufacturing.

At SNL Creative, we’re passionate about pushing the boundaries of creativity and technology, and Rapid 2024 presents an unparalleled opportunity to showcase our latest innovations, connect with industry leaders, and inspire future collaborations.

Join us at Booth #2651 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, where you’ll have the chance to:

🚀 Explore Cutting-Edge Solutions: Immerse yourself in a world of innovation as we unveil our latest advancements in 3D printing technology. From groundbreaking materials to revolutionary applications, prepare to be inspired by the limitless possibilities of additive manufacturing.

🤝 Network with Industry Experts: Connect with fellow professionals, thought leaders, and innovators who are shaping the future of manufacturing. Whether you’re seeking insights, partnerships, or simply looking to exchange ideas, Rapid 2024 is the ultimate platform to expand your network and forge meaningful connections.

💡 Gain Insider Insights: Don’t miss our engaging presentations and demonstrations, where our team of experts will share valuable insights, best practices, and real-world case studies. From industry trends to actionable strategies, empower yourself with the knowledge and expertise needed to stay ahead in today’s fast-paced landscape.

🎉 Experience the Future of Creativity: Get ready to be inspired, challenged, and energized as we celebrate the boundless potential of creativity and innovation. From interactive exhibits to hands-on workshops, Rapid 2024 promises an unforgettable experience for enthusiasts, professionals, and curious minds alike.

But wait, there’s more! As a token of our appreciation for your continued support, we’re offering complimentary passes to Rapid 2024 for our valued connections and customers. Simply click the link below when registering online to claim your free admission.

We can’t wait to welcome you to our booth and share our passion for pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Together, let’s embark on a journey of exploration, discovery, and endless creativity at Rapid 2024!

See you in Los Angeles!

Warm regards, SNL Creative

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SNL Creative Named Production Partner for Wilson Airless Gen1

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CHICAGO (Feb. 7, 2024) — Wilson Sporting Goods Co. today announces the release of the Wilson Airless Gen1TM – the innovative, first-of-its-kind 3D-printed basketball that never needs to be inflated. Building off the success of the Airless Prototype debut last year, the limited-edition Wilson Airless Gen1 basketball will be available for purchase on Feb. 16.


“We were overwhelmed by the excitement from our Airless Prototype, and we knew it was time to bring t


his rare, first-of-its kind innovation to the world,” said Kevin Murphy, General Manager, Team Sports at Wilson. “Wilson has gone where no brand has gone before with the release of the Airless Gen1 basketball, further inspiring the next generation of sports innovation.”


The Wilson Airless Gen1 has similar functionality to the prototype, however over the last year, the Wilson Labs team has taken the steps to increase performance and streamline the manufacturing process. The basketball nearly fits the performance specifications of a regulation basketball, including its weight, size and rebound (bounce). While the Wilson Airless Gen1 is crafted for play, it is truly a coveted, technology-infused product meant to create and inspire a new community of innovation enthusiasts and basketball hype curators alike.


The main updates to the Wilson Airless Gen1 include:

  • Improved functionality: Upgraded lattice design for more consistent performance and bounce. T
  • he ball still includes the same see-through lattice with eight panel-like “lobes.”
  • Streamlined manufacturing: Holes integrated within the channels to help speed up the manufacturing process, making it faster to create each ball. The basketball remains airless and does not to be inflated.
  • Enhanced customization: Each ball will have a built-in label for customization and will feature the exact, limited number in which it was produced.
  • Color variety: In addition to the recognizable jet-black colorway of the prototype, the Airless Gen1 will also be available in brown and natural white.


The Wilson Labs team leveraged the same game-changing process to create the Wilson Gen1 Airless basketball with key partners: General Lattice provided computational design services for elevated customization, DyeMansion provided color and finishing solutions, EOS provided technical oversight and a roadmap for mass production, while SNL Creative was the primary manufacturing hub for this first launch.


Limited units of the Wilson Airless Gen1 will be available exclusively on beginning Friday, Feb. 16 for $2,500. Fans can also experience the product at Wilson’s on-site activation at NBA Crossover in Indianapolis from Feb. 16 – 18. To learn more, please visit and follow along @wilson and @wilsonbasketball.


About: Chicago, USA-based Wilson Sporting Goods Co., part of Amer Sports Corporation, is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-performance sports equipment, apparel, footwear and accessories. The Company brings more than a century of innovation, history and heritage across many sports including Racquet Sports, Baseball, Softball, American Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer and Golf.


In Basketball, Wilson is the supplier of Official Game Basketballs for the National Basketball Association® (NBA), the Women’s National Basketball Association® (WNBA), National Collegiate Athletic Association® (NCAA) for March Madness and the Final Four, Basketball Champions League (BCL), Basketball Africa League (BAL) and FIBA 3×3.

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SNL Creative proudly announces the Addition of DyeMansion’s Powerfuse S and DM60 Full Color Systems

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SNL Creative has a reputation for developing high value products with Industrial 3D printing. Their vision is where 3D printed products are part of our everyday life. In the next phase of their on demand manufacturing solutions, SNL Creative teams up with DyeMansion to deliver Vapor Polishing and Dyeing across the suite of the AM technologies; Including SLS and FDM.


The Power of Vapor Polishing

Vapor Polishing is a post-process technique that evenly relaxes the molecular chains of the surface layer resulting in smooth surfaces.

  1. Improved Aesthetics: A deep dye process with vivid colors that are scratch, UV, and heat resistant.
  2. Enhanced Functionality: Easy to clean sealed surfaces that are resistant to Chemicals. Improves flexibility and durability of 3D printed parts. Reduces part roughness by 80% and Reduces friction by 33.8%
  3. Certified Safe and sustainable: Food and skin contact compliant. A sustainable process for sealed surfaces. FDA certified for your Food and Beverage applications. Prevents parts against bacteria growth. A reproducible and traceable process that is ISO certified for end user applications.

3d printed shoes

The Art of Dyeing

Dyeing is another valuable post-processing technique that goes hand in hand with vapor polishing. It involved adding color to the 3D printed part and offers a set of diverse advantages.

  1. Customization and Branding: Limitless color choices from standard color databases or custom made colors.
  2. Color coding and identification: In industries like health care and manufacturing, color coded parts can be used for easy identification, sorting, and assembly.
  3. Enhance UV resistance: Dyes can provide UV resistance, preventing color fading or degradation when expose to sunlight. This is crucial for outdoor and Long-term applications.

3d printed fashion

The Synergy of Vapor Polishing and Dyeing

When combined, vapor polishing and dyeing yield an impressive synergy that adds value to 3D printed parts. The smooth pristine surface achieved through vapor polishing serves as an idea canvas for dyeing, ensuring the colors are vivid, consistent, and long-lasting. This combination is particularly advantageous for producing consumer goods, intricate prototypes, and industrial components.

3d printed basketball

SNL Creative Partners with Multi-Talented Artist Jim McKenzie for an Exclusive Collectible Collaboration

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In an exciting collaboration that’s sure to captivate art enthusiasts and collectors alike, SNL Creative proudly announces its partnership with the renowned artist, animator, and film director, Jim McKenzie. This visionary collaboration has brought forth a limited edition collectible that stands as a testament to the fusion of art, innovation, and creative mastery.

The collectible, available for viewing and purchase at Jim McKenzie’s official website, is a true marvel. Comprising sixteen meticulously crafted, removable, and interchangeable parts, this masterpiece invites admirers to explore and interact with its intricacies. SNL Creative’s involvement in the project has ensured that each component is flawlessly rendered, a result of their state-of-the-art manufacturing studio.

The production process, a true testament to SNL Creative’s prowess, was an in-house endeavor from start to finish. Employing cutting-edge techniques, the team harnessed 3D printing to create master patterns, while silicon tooling and castings brought the collectible to life with precision and accuracy. The journey continued with the skilled hands of their in-house fabrication and painting teams, ensuring that each piece emerged as a genuine work of art.

Excitement soars even higher as these collectibles play a pivotal role in Jim McKenzie’s upcoming short film, “Potato Face.” The film unveils every captivating step of the creation process, inviting audiences into the heart of artistic innovation. Scheduled for release in December 2023, the film promises to provide a mesmerizing glimpse into the synergy of artistic vision and technical brilliance.

Art enthusiasts, collectors, and fans of innovation can eagerly anticipate the dual unveiling of both the limited edition collectible and the behind-the-scenes magic in “Potato Face.” Jim McKenzie’s partnership with SNL Creative symbiotic relationship between craftsmanship and creativity, leaving an indelible mark on the world of contemporary art.

As the anticipation mounts, the collaboration between SNL Creative and Jim McKenzie stands as a beacon of innovation, reminding us all of the profound beauty that arises when artistic passion meets cutting-edge technology. With the release date of the short film drawing near, the art world holds its breath in collective excitement—ready to delve into the enigmatic realm of “Potato Face” and experience the masterpiece that is the limited edition collectible. Stay tuned for a journey that promises to redefine artistic boundaries and captivate hearts worldwide.

SNL Creatives New Facility is Now Operational!

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Cypress, CA – 8/15/23: SNL Creative, a leader in additive manufacturing, is thrilled to announce the inauguration of its state-of-the-art facility in Cypress, California. This facility stands as a testament to SNL Creatives’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in 3D printing and rapid prototyping, offering a diverse array of technologies and services.


Nestled in the heart of Cypress, Ca, the new facility boasts an impressive range of advanced 3D printing technologies, including Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), Stereolithography (SLA), Material Jetting, Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), and Continuous Fiber Fabrication (CFF). This comprehensive suite of technologies empowers clients to materialize their concepts with remarkable precision and efficiency.


Diversity extends to the materials as well, with a vast selection for both prototyping and qualified materials suitable for 3D printing solutions destined for the market. SNL Creatives’ dedication to material innovation ensures that clients have access to the latest and most suitable materials for their projects.


One of the facility’s highlights is the fully dedicated Prototype Tooling department, meticulously designed to facilitate high-volume production. Complemented by a specialized hard modeling team, SNL Creatives ensures that products achieve their desired appearance and functionality before entering the mass production stage.


Moreover, SNL Creatives offers a complete paint and post-processing team, guaranteeing the creation of impeccable final appearance models that are ready to captivate and impress.


The integration of automation shines through the Virtual Portal, where clients can seamlessly upload, request quotes, and place orders. This portal seamlessly syncs with the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software, ensuring a streamlined production process while maintaining rigorous quality control at every phase.


“We are thrilled to introduce our new Cypress facility, a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence,” commented Shawn Zindroski COO of SNL Creative. “Our investment in cutting-edge technology, coupled with our dedicated teams, positions us to redefine additive manufacturing. We are confident this facility will elevate both our capabilities and our customers’ experience.”


SNL Creatives’ new facility in Cypress, CA, signifies a monumental step toward the future of additive manufacturing. With its impressive technologies, diverse materials, and seamless automation, the facility promises to redefine the industry landscape and set new benchmarks for innovation.


For more information and inquiries, please visit


About SNL Creative:

SNL Creative stands at the forefront of additive manufacturing, offering cutting-edge 3D printing solutions and rapid prototyping services. The new facility in Cypress, CA, embodies the company’s dedication to pushing boundaries, embracing innovation, and ensuring client satisfaction through advanced technology and expert teams.

Unlocking the Future Life-Like Prosthetics with Color 3D Printing by Stratasys

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Stratasys J750 color 3D printing is unlocking the future of special effects (SFX) and stop motion animation industries with life-like prosthetics. One of the most recent advancements is introducing color 3D printing technology, particularly with the Stratasys J750 system. This groundbreaking innovation revolutionizes how artists and technicians create life-like prosthetics, intricate stop-motion animation sets, and stunning SFX elements.

The Stratasys J750 is a high-end PolyJet 3D printer, known for its ability to print in multiple materials and colors simultaneously. With over 500,000 color combinations and a wide range of material properties, the J750 empowers artists to create realistic textures, gradients, and transparencies for their projects. The printer’s layer resolution, as fine as 14 microns, enables the production of intricate and life-like details that were previously difficult or impossible to achieve with traditional methods.

Revolutionizing life-like prosthetics: the Stratasys J750 has been instrumental in advancing 3D printing for SFX and animation. Makeup artists can now design and print complex, realistic-looking prosthetic pieces, such as skin textures, wounds, or even entire facial structures, with remarkable precision. These 3D printed prosthetics not only save time and resources but also provide an unmatched level of detail, allowing filmmakers to tell stories with greater authenticity.

Transforming Stop Motion Animation: In the realm of stop motion animation, the J750 has made a significant impact by allowing animators to rapidly produce detailed, multi-colored, and textured puppets, sets, and props. The ability to print intricate and movable parts, such as facial features or limbs, has streamlined the animation process and enabled the creation of more expressive characters. The J750’s precision and versatility have opened up new creative possibilities, pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved in stop motion animation.

Special Effects Breakthroughs: Beyond prosthetics and animation, the J750 is also redefining the SFX industry by enabling artists to print realistic props, such as weapons, vehicles, or even entire miniature sets, in stunning detail. The technology’s ability to produce vibrant, multi-material prints has made it an invaluable asset for creating captivating visual effects that captivate audiences.

Conclusion: The Stratasys J750 color 3D printing system is truly revolutionizing the special effects, life-like prosthetics, and stop motion animation industries. By offering unprecedented levels of detail, color, and material versatility, the J750 is enabling artists and technicians to push the boundaries of their creativity and bring their visions to life like never before.

3D Printing Trophies

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SNL Creative is a leading 3d printing manufacturer making waves in the industry with its innovative 3D printing technology. Using a range of 3D printing methods, including SLS, FDM, and color 3D printing, SNL Creative can create custom trophies that are beautiful and durable.

3d printed trophies

SNL Creative is an industry leader in the rapid production of custom trophies and awards, and one of the ways they achieve their high-quality results is through the use of silicon molding. Silicon molding is a process that allows SNL Creative to create custom trophies with intricate designs and details that would be difficult or impossible to achieve through traditional manufacturing methods.

The silicon molding process involves creating a mold of the desired trophy design using silicone rubber material. The mold is created by pouring the silicone rubber over a master pattern of the trophy, which can be made using various methods, including 3D printing. Once the mold has cured, it can be used to create multiple copies of the trophy design, each with the same level of detail and precision as the original.

Using silicon molding allows SNL Creative to create trophies with a wide range of shapes and sizes, from simple designs to complex, multi-part trophies. The process is also cost-effective, as the mold can be used to create multiple copies of the trophy design without the need for additional setup or tooling costs.

In addition to its versatility and cost-effectiveness, silicon molding also allows SNL Creative to create trophies with a variety of materials, including metal, plastic, and resin. This allows for greater customization and flexibility in the trophy design, as well as the ability to create trophies that are both beautiful and durable.

Overall, the use of silicon molding is just one of the many ways that SNL Creative is pushing the boundaries of trophy design and production. Whether you’re looking for a simple trophy or a complex, multi-part design, SNL Creative has the expertise and technology to create a stunning final product that you’ll be proud to display.

SLS, or selective laser sintering, is one of the 3D printing methods used by SNL Creative. This process involves using a high-powered laser to melt and fuse small plastic or metal particles together, creating a highly detailed and accurate final product. SLS is perfect for creating trophies with complex shapes and designs that need to be strong and resistant to wear and tear.

FDM, or fused deposition modeling, is another popular 3D printing method used by SNL Creative. This process involves melting and extruding thermoplastic materials to create layers that build up to form the final object. FDM is ideal for creating trophies that are both lightweight and durable, making it a popular choice for sporting events and other competitions.

Color 3D printing is also a specialty of SNL Creative, allowing them to create trophies with vibrant and eye-catching colors. This process involves using a 3D printer that can print in full color, using a combination of CMYK ink cartridges to create a wide range of colors and shades. Color 3D printing is perfect for creating trophies that need to stand out and make a statement.

Overall, SNL Creative’s use of 3D printing technology is revolutionizing the trophy industry, allowing for greater customization, precision, and durability than ever before. Whether you’re looking for a traditional trophy or a completely unique and custom design, SNL Creative has the expertise and technology to create a stunning final product that you’ll be proud to display.

Creating Phygital Products with NFT’s and 3d printing


At SNL Creative we recognize new platforms for creative digital content. As the metaverse evolves, businesses and individuals are constantly exploring innovative ways to offer immersive and personalized experiences to their customers. One such emerging trend is the integration of phygital goods, which are physical products augmented with digital features or capabilities. By merging 3D printing technology and NFTs, a new generation of phygital goods that are distinctively valuable and personalized can be produced.

Boxy NFT

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are digital assets authenticated on a blockchain network. Frequently used to establish ownership of digital assets like artwork or collectibles, NFTs can be bought, sold, and traded similarly to physical assets. In recent years, NFTs have gained traction as a means for creators to monetize their digital works and for buyers to acquire exclusive and valuable digital assets.

The fusion of NFTs and 3D printing gives rise to a novel type of asset that connects the physical and digital realms. For instance, an artist can design a digital sculpture or figurine and sell it as an NFT. The buyer then has the option to retain the NFT as a digital asset or redeem it for the physical item, which can be 3D printed and delivered to their location. This offers the buyer a unique and valuable experience, as they can possess both digital and physical versions of the same object.

The potential of phygital goods is further amplified within the metaverse. Leveraging 3D printing, custom avatars or virtual objects can be created, 3D printed, and used in the virtual world, establishing a seamless connection between the virtual and physical realms. This facilitates a more immersive and personalized experience within the metaverse.

In summary, the amalgamation of 3D printing and NFTs forges a new frontier in the creation of phygital goods that boast high value and uniqueness. As the metaverse continues to expand, the demand for such products is expected to grow, paving the way for novel opportunities for businesses and individuals alike.

SNL Creative is a cutting-edge design agency that specializes in transforming your NFT art into captivating phygital products. With a team of talented artists and experienced 3D designers, we bring your digital assets to life by seamlessly bridging the gap between the virtual and physical worlds.

Our process begins with an in-depth consultation to understand your vision for the phygital product. We then develop a tailored strategy, incorporating elements of your NFT art to create a visually stunning and functional design. Utilizing advanced 3D printing technology, we ensure that the physical product accurately reflects the essence of your digital art.

Whether you’re looking to create exclusive merchandise, one-of-a-kind collectibles, or customized virtual objects for the metaverse, SNL Creative is your go-to partner for innovative and unique phygital solutions. Together, we’ll elevate your NFT art to new heights and deliver an unforgettable experience for your audience. Contact Us for a free chat and consultation


SNL Creative 3d printing for stop motion animation

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Stop-motion animation is a painstaking process that brings characters to life, one frame at a time. SNL Creative, a renowned 3d printing studio, has adopted Stratasys J750 color 3D printing technology to revolutionize the creation of their stop-motion characters, significantly enhancing their storytelling capabilities.

The Stratasys J750 is a full-color, multi-material 3D printer with high precision and color accuracy. By leveraging this cutting-edge technology, SNL Creative has transformed the way they create intricate stop-motion characters and sets, allowing them to push the boundaries of imagination.

Traditionally, stop-motion animation relies on handmade puppets and sets, which can be time-consuming to produce and difficult to modify. With the Stratasys J750, SNL Creative can now design and print character models and sets with incredible detail and vibrant colors, reducing the time spent on manual labor. The 3D printer also enables them to create multiple variations of a character’s facial expressions or interchangeable body parts, which is essential for stop-motion animation.

The versatility of the Stratasys J750 extends beyond just the wide color range. The printer can handle a variety of materials, allowing SNL Creative to print flexible, rigid, and translucent parts in a single print job. This capability has opened up new possibilities for creating stop-motion characters with a more lifelike appearance and dynamic movements, contributing to the overall quality of the final animation.

Moreover, using 3D printing for stop-motion animation has facilitated rapid iteration and experimentation. If a character design isn’t working as intended, SNL Creative can quickly modify the design and print a new version without having to start from scratch. This efficiency enables the animation team to focus on perfecting the storytelling aspects of their films, rather than being bogged down by the limitations of traditional fabrication techniques.

By embracing the Stratasys J750 color 3D printer, SNL Creative has made tremendous strides in the world of stop motion animation. The technology has not only streamlined their production process but also unlocked new creative possibilities for animators. As 3D printing technology continues to advance, there’s no doubt that we’ll see even more impressive stop motion animation films in the future, pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling.

Wilson Sporting Goods 3d Printed Airless Basketball

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Wilson Sporting Goods Co., a leading sports equipment manufacturer in the US, has revealed an experimental prototype of an airless basketball, believed to be the first of its kind in the industry to be 3D printed. Wilson collaborated with General Lattice, a Chicago-based 3D design company, EOS, a 3D printer manufacturer, and DyeMansion, a post-processing company, to create the ball. The prototype aims to show that a basketball can be produced without requiring inflation and demonstrate the potential of additive manufacturing techniques in the sporting goods sector. KJ Martin of the Houston Rockets showed the prototype’s playability during the first round of the AT&T Slam Dunk contest at a recent NBA All-Star game.


The GL Labs team at General Lattice worked closely with Wilson to develop the prototype using its computational design tools and workflows, streamlining the design and iteration process. The ball was printed using an EOS P 396 SLS 3D printer. DyeMansion added finishing touches, such as DeepDye Coloring and VaporFuse Surfacing, to create the ball’s outer skin and a smooth finished surface. The ball’s structure consists of a see-through black lattice with eight panel-like lobes.


The Wilson airless basketball is part of a trend of additive manufacturing in the sports industry. In 2021, Adidas partnered with Carbon to produce the 3D printed 4D midsole, the 4DFWD, using digital light synthesis (DLS) 3D printing technology. Later that year, Adidas and the Marcolin Group collaborated to produce the 3D CMPT, 3D printed sports glasses weighing only 20g, with a retail price of $415 during their limited release run from August 2021.

SNL Creative is proudly offering EOS SLS 3d printing for applications and materials requiring such rigorous used cases.