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SNL Creative and Iridia Partner to Pioneer Embedded Nanotechnology and Synthetic DNA for Additive Manufacturing Materials and Coating

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SNL Creative and Iridia Announce Revolutionary Partnership to Enhance Medical Device Traceability; Showcasing at RAPID + TCT Show, Booth #2651

Los Angeles, CA – June 24, 2024 – SNL Creative, a leader in additive manufacturing, and Iridia, a pioneer in embeddable authenticity and traceability solutions, have announced a partnership aimed at revolutionizing the medical device industry. This collaboration promises to deliver unmatched utility, security, and efficiency in medical device production, ensuring enhanced patient safety and regulatory compliance.

Innovative Solutions for a Critical Industry

The partnership between SNL Creative and Iridia combines state-of-the-art technologies to address the pressing needs of the medical device industry. Iridia’s cutting-edge data embedding solutions will be integrated with SNL Creative’s precision 3D printing capabilities, offering unparalleled benefits to manufacturers, healthcare providers, and patients.

“Our partnership with Iridia represents a significant leap forward in medical device manufacturing,” said Shawn Zindroski, Founder and COO of SNL Creative. “By merging our precision 3D printing expertise with Iridia’s Embedded Molecular Data technology, we are setting new standards for device authenticity and traceability.”

Key Highlights of the Partnership:

Iridia’s Embedded Molecular Data Technology Enables:

  • Cryptographic Security Coatings: This technology ensures the authenticity and integrity of medical devices by providing each device with a unique, verifiable identity.
  • Metadata Infusion: Comprehensive metadata, including patient-specific data, can be embedded directly into devices through a durable coating or within device materials.
  • Embedded Traceability: Devices can include detailed traceability data, allowing for confirmation of origin, destination, and other critical information.

SNL Creative’s Expertise Covers:

  • Precision 3D Printing: High-quality, precise medical devices and components are produced to exacting standards.
  • Material Versatility: A wide range of materials suitable for various medical applications are utilized, ensuring the highest safety and efficacy standards.
  • Custom Finishing: Tailored finishing solutions meet specific medical standards and aesthetic requirements.

Enhancing Patient Safety and Operational Efficiency

This collaboration is set to enhance patient safety by ensuring every medical device is authentic and traceable. Integrating patient-specific data within device materials allows for customized treatments, while robust verification methods prevent counterfeit devices from entering the supply chain. Additionally, streamlined production processes and reduced compliance costs will improve workflow efficiency and profitability for manufacturers.

“The integration of our cryptographic molecular identity technology with SNL Creative’s manufacturing expertise marks a new era in medical device safety and reliability,” said Buck Watia, VP of Product and Corporate Development of Iridia. “Together, we are committed to providing healthcare providers and patients with the highest quality devices.”

Industry Challenges

The medical device industry faces several critical challenges:

  1. Counterfeit Devices:
    • 8% of medical devices in circulation are estimated to be counterfeit (World Health Organization).
  2. Device Recalls:
    • 3,202 medical device recalls occurred in 2022 (FDA) with Class I recalls (most serious) increasing by 44% from 2003 to 2012.
  3. Patient Safety:
    • Medical device-related issues are among the top 10 patient safety concerns (ECRI Institute).

Example Opportunity: A Model for Success

Leading companies can partner with SNL Creative and Iridia to produce a new line of devices. Each device can include cryptographic metadata detailing its manufacturing date, batch number, quality control, and even patient data, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and enhancing patient safety.

Discover Revolutionary Medical Device Technology at RAPID + TCT Show

Visit SNL Creative at the RAPID + TCT Show, June 25-27, at the LA Convention Center, booth #2651. Discover SNL Creative and Iridia’s groundbreaking Molecular Identity Technology and its impact on medical device traceability and authenticity. Meet our experts, see live demos, and explore our innovative solutions.

About SNL Creative

SNL Creative is a premier provider of additive manufacturing solutions, specializing in precision 3D printing for medical, fashion, footwear, automotive technology, and consumer goods industries. With a commitment to innovation and quality, SNL Creative delivers high-performance products that meet stringent regulatory standards and enhance patient outcomes.

About Iridia

Based in Southern California, Iridia is pioneering molecular technology innovations with two primary focus areas. First, Iridia creates advanced solutions for product authenticity, integrity, and traceability across various industries. Their cutting-edge Molecular Technology embeds unalterable identity and rich metadata directly into products without altering their appearance, leveraging synthetic DNA and nanotechnology to offer cryptographic security. This technology serves sectors from raw materials and luxury retail to aerospace, enhancing product value and consumer trust.

Second, Iridia applies this same molecular technology to address long-term datacenter archival storage challenges. By harnessing the data storage capabilities of synthetic DNA, Iridia offers a revolutionary solution for businesses facing exponential growth in data storage needs.

For more information, please visit: https://snlcreative.com/ https://www.iridia.com/


Shawn Zindroski, Founder and COO, SNL Creative – shawn@snlcreative.com

Buck Watia, VP of Product and Corporate Development, Iridia – info@iridia.com