SNL Creative proudly announces the Addition of DyeMansion’s Powerfuse S and DM60 Full Color Systems

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SNL Creative has a reputation for developing high value products with Industrial 3D printing. Their vision is where 3D printed products are part of our everyday life. In the next phase of their on demand manufacturing solutions, SNL Creative teams up with DyeMansion to deliver Vapor Polishing and Dyeing across the suite of the AM technologies; Including SLS and FDM.


The Power of Vapor Polishing

Vapor Polishing is a post-process technique that evenly relaxes the molecular chains of the surface layer resulting in smooth surfaces.

  1. Improved Aesthetics: A deep dye process with vivid colors that are scratch, UV, and heat resistant.
  2. Enhanced Functionality: Easy to clean sealed surfaces that are resistant to Chemicals. Improves flexibility and durability of 3D printed parts. Reduces part roughness by 80% and Reduces friction by 33.8%
  3. Certified Safe and sustainable: Food and skin contact compliant. A sustainable process for sealed surfaces. FDA certified for your Food and Beverage applications. Prevents parts against bacteria growth. A reproducible and traceable process that is ISO certified for end user applications.

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The Art of Dyeing

Dyeing is another valuable post-processing technique that goes hand in hand with vapor polishing. It involved adding color to the 3D printed part and offers a set of diverse advantages.

  1. Customization and Branding: Limitless color choices from standard color databases or custom made colors.
  2. Color coding and identification: In industries like health care and manufacturing, color coded parts can be used for easy identification, sorting, and assembly.
  3. Enhance UV resistance: Dyes can provide UV resistance, preventing color fading or degradation when expose to sunlight. This is crucial for outdoor and Long-term applications.

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The Synergy of Vapor Polishing and Dyeing

When combined, vapor polishing and dyeing yield an impressive synergy that adds value to 3D printed parts. The smooth pristine surface achieved through vapor polishing serves as an idea canvas for dyeing, ensuring the colors are vivid, consistent, and long-lasting. This combination is particularly advantageous for producing consumer goods, intricate prototypes, and industrial components.

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SNL Creative Partners with Multi-Talented Artist Jim McKenzie for an Exclusive Collectible Collaboration

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In an exciting collaboration that’s sure to captivate art enthusiasts and collectors alike, SNL Creative proudly announces its partnership with the renowned artist, animator, and film director, Jim McKenzie. This visionary collaboration has brought forth a limited edition collectible that stands as a testament to the fusion of art, innovation, and creative mastery.

The collectible, available for viewing and purchase at Jim McKenzie’s official website, is a true marvel. Comprising sixteen meticulously crafted, removable, and interchangeable parts, this masterpiece invites admirers to explore and interact with its intricacies. SNL Creative’s involvement in the project has ensured that each component is flawlessly rendered, a result of their state-of-the-art manufacturing studio.

The production process, a true testament to SNL Creative’s prowess, was an in-house endeavor from start to finish. Employing cutting-edge techniques, the team harnessed 3D printing to create master patterns, while silicon tooling and castings brought the collectible to life with precision and accuracy. The journey continued with the skilled hands of their in-house fabrication and painting teams, ensuring that each piece emerged as a genuine work of art.

Excitement soars even higher as these collectibles play a pivotal role in Jim McKenzie’s upcoming short film, “Potato Face.” The film unveils every captivating step of the creation process, inviting audiences into the heart of artistic innovation. Scheduled for release in December 2023, the film promises to provide a mesmerizing glimpse into the synergy of artistic vision and technical brilliance.

Art enthusiasts, collectors, and fans of innovation can eagerly anticipate the dual unveiling of both the limited edition collectible and the behind-the-scenes magic in “Potato Face.” Jim McKenzie’s partnership with SNL Creative symbiotic relationship between craftsmanship and creativity, leaving an indelible mark on the world of contemporary art.

As the anticipation mounts, the collaboration between SNL Creative and Jim McKenzie stands as a beacon of innovation, reminding us all of the profound beauty that arises when artistic passion meets cutting-edge technology. With the release date of the short film drawing near, the art world holds its breath in collective excitement—ready to delve into the enigmatic realm of “Potato Face” and experience the masterpiece that is the limited edition collectible. Stay tuned for a journey that promises to redefine artistic boundaries and captivate hearts worldwide.