3D Printing Near Long Beach

SNL Creative began in 2008 with an idea to create innovative products using cutting edge 3D printing technology near Long Beach. Today, we continue to pursue the latest in Additive Manufacturing technologies and materials and deliver the advantages to our loyal clients.

SNL Creative is proudly women owned and operated. Our CEO is the LA and Orange County Ambassador for Women in 3D Printing and serves to support other women, youth education programs, small business and economic development in her community.

Our services include 3D printing, 3D scanning, CAD Design, Rapid Manufacturing and Paint & Finishing

Located in Huntington Beach we are just a short drive down the 405 from Long Beach for easy consult or part pick up. We also have a convenient Quote system to upload your files. We can then print and ship your parts if needed.

We have the knowledge and experience to get the job done on time and on budget. Call us today to see how we can exceed your expectations.

SNL Creative

15641 Product Ln # A12,

Huntington Beach, CA 92649






Fused Deposition Modeling

The most widely known 3D printing process. Used in prototyping, tooling and end use parts.



Continuous Fiber Filament

CFF adds a continuous fiber reinforcement filament to the 3D-print head. This filamant can be any number of materials adding structural reinforcment to the part.



Due to extremely high resolution and vast array of materials, PolyJET is ideal for models where fine detail is required.



SNL Creative provides solutions for a vast array of industries from automotive and aerospace tooling and end use parts, to set props and figurines for the entertainment and commercial idustries, to models and contaners for the medical and food service insutries.

If you have an idea, we have a solution. Contact one of our designers today to make your idea a reality.